Employer Branding or Client Care? Build your internal and external relationships together with Out of Office.

At Out of Office you can become a Corporate Partner where we help you focus on your employees, clients and recruiting. During our “Lounge Hours” between 5-7 pm you and your participants enjoys the great atmosphere, food, beverage and take the opportunity to build your brand and network. 7 pm sharp, the venue turns into a nightclub for 120 min and the entire event shuts down at 9pm. This gives you as a Corporate Partner 4 hours of energy, networking and fun. A perfect way to mix business with pleasure together with your clients, colleagues and partners regardless of age. Best of all, it saves you both time and money. Call Pontus De Geer today and he can tell you about some successful client cases.

50m2 (10x5m) event space with bar, bartender, lights and electricity.
Corporate Secure Access for your entire group.
Private VIP area with bar, food and drinks for a fixed budget.

Exposure of your products, services, logos, etc within your own VIP-Area. (optional)
Invite preferred industries, professions or companies through our App with 80k members. (optional)

Exclusivity within your product/service.
The right to use the Out of Office brand for invites & marketing.

Food, beverage, banners, decorations, props etc is financed by the Corporate Partner.

Jaguar, Swedbank, Länsförsäkringar Fastigheter, Fastighetsbyrån, American Express, Notar, Svenska Mäklarhuset, Facebook, Toyota, Hemnet,  Mastercard, Cap Gemini, Hewlett Packard, Bonnier News Sales, CGI, L’Oréal,, Metro, MTR, Serendipty, Triwa, Wrigleys mfl.

Get in touch with Pontus De Geer for more info.
+46 (0)70-300 24 45

Below is an example of the Lounge Hours between 5-7pm.