Out of Office is leaving Kallis Visby to arrange the biggest beach club in the Nordics at Tofta Resort on Friday July 24th - Week 30+

popup visby tofta gotland kallis vecka30 February 17, 2020 Robert Pihl

Make plans for the biggest beach club in the Nordics when we're leaving Kallis in Visby to take over Tofta Resort on Friday July 24th (week 30+). If you wanna hang by the pool or in the sand it's totally up to you. Plenty of food and drinks to enjoy so why not have lunch at our terrace? It will be disco. Doors open at 11.00 and we close 18.00. So get your entrance ticket today and save money!




Beach Club Area (at the door) 300kr
>> Beach Club Area (presale) - 150kr
>> Beach Club Area & Bus Ride (presale) - 200kr
>> VIP Area Single Sunbed + Towel - 500kr



VIP BOOKINGS (Only in the OOOAW app)

VIP Area Sunbed Large w towels - Beachfront, Poolside or Terrace

VIP Area Cabana w towels - Beachfront, Poolside or Terrace

>> Get the app here!



Are you still gonna be hosting at Kallis this summer?

No! After 6 years at Kallis we wanted to create our own Beach Club so this is the only Out of Office event in Visby besides our Club at Gutekällaren during Almedalens Tuesday. But a good plan is to join us at Tofta on Friday between 11.00-18.00 and then go to Kallis closing party on Saturday. We're gonna be there, but in the bar. With a drink or two.



Can we eat at Tofta Resort?

Plenty of food to choose from and cold drinks to enjoy.  Doors open t 11.00 so why don't you book a table for lunch at the Terrace ? Send your request to bokning@toftabeachclub.com It will be disco. We also have fingerfood for you to order from the BBQ so you can eat on the beach or by the pool. Something for everyone.




Do I need to get a ticket?

Yes. Either you get it now and save 150kr, or get it at the door for 300kr. There are also different types of tickets in the shop. Choose between Beach Club Area Ticket (standard), Beach Club Area & Bus Ticket or VIP Area Single Sunbed.



But we would like to go Premium?

Fantastic! We have two VIP options for kids like you.

VIP Area Sunbed Large w towels - Beachfront, Poolside or Terrace

VIP Area Cabana w towels - Beachfront, Poolside or Terrace

All info, prices and bookings are made in the OOOAW app so get it here!



What's the maximum capacity at Tofta Resort?

The venue is about 2-3 times the size of Kallis. And the interest is high so therefor you might wanna get your ticket today and save some money.



Can I bring a friend or four?

For sure! Take a look at the Facebook event and see who's coming to Tofta! And remember, invite only your best friends & colleagues.



How do I get to Tofta from Visby?

Either you ride your bicycle or take the bus from Hamnplan. We have organized several buses leaving from Hamnplan every 30 minutes. If you're smart smart, purchase a Beach Club Area Ticket with bus transportation included here!



Are you arranging other clubs in Visby?

During Almedalen we host a after work party at Gutekällaren on Tuesday June 30th. Get your ticket here!



Whats the age limit?

Since this is week 30, meaning 1 week AFTER the classical "Stockholmsveckan week 29" the age limit is 23 at the door. But you can still bring your parents to our Beach Club if they would like.



Anything else I should know about?

Wear sunscreen.



High 5!