The new Community App requires iOS 15 (or later) for iPhone and Android 8.0 Oreo (or later) for Samsung.


If you experience other technical issues with the Out of Office Community App, like problems signing in or "error messages", delete that app and go straight to Appstore / Google Play and update it. Because you are most certainly using the old one. Once you installed the NEW one, sign in using same password & email as before. If the problems still exist, come back here and read further down. High 5!


Having trouble signing in or launching the app?
You probably have an old version of the app installed. Go straight to Appstore / Google Play to update it. 

I can't install the app on my phone!

The Community App requires iOS 16 (or later) for iPhone and Android 8.0 Oreo (or later) for Samsung.

I can't login to my account in the app!
Ok! Calm down. When launching the app just hit the "forgot password" botton to receive a new one. Check your inbox or spam folder for a temporary password.

I have some technical difficulties with the app and can't solve it, what to do?
Send us an email to app@oooaw.com and explain what's not working. 

I don't have access to the email I used for signing up!
If you no longer have access to that email you registered with from the beginning you can send us an email to app@oooaw.com and we update it for you. You'll keep the same password. Never ever send us any passwords! That's for your eyes only. If it still doesn't work, go straight to App Store / Google Play and see if there's an updated version of the app to download. 

Where did my collected badges (glasses) go? I  can't find them in the new Community App? 
After our latest app update these badges is now converted into points. You get points for every Pleasure Match, Business Connection and visiting events. After you gathered 1000 points you receive a "Loyalty Pass" and you can use it to pass the line until 5.30pm (17.30) at any of our free Public Events. 

What on earth is Loyalty Pass? 

Ok, so the Free Secure Access Ticket you received after collecting 5 "stamps/glasses" is now gone and replaced by the Loyalty Pass.  They work exactly the same so with an earned Loyalty Pass you have secure access until 5.30pm (17.30) at every free public event. Note: The Loyalty Pass is NOT valid as entrance during the Ticket Events during June, July & August. This is due to our bigger event establishments that costs a fortune. 

I cannot find my “department” or “work title” in the app registration for my business profile?
There are many different types of jobs out there! But ok, choose something close enough for now and send us your request to app@oooaw.com. We will then add your request, so you can update later and get a 100% correct business profile. We don’t want you to miss a great job opportunity.



Why do I need the app to enter the free events?
Instead of taking your money at the door like other nightclubs who charges entrance fees, you need to register in our free app and scan yourself in. Regarding the information you provide us with, we will never give or sell it to any third party. We will also treat your personal information and pictures with respect and integrity. Just like you will towards all other guests. 

What’s the age limit?

We have a strict age limit of 23+ at the door. However, if you’re part a VIP Table or an employee at a company with a OOOAW Corporate Partnership you are allowed to be 20+.

When is the next event?

All dates & info regarding all our free public events are located in the Free Out of Office App.

How about the dresscode?
“Straight from the office” meaning no back packs, jerseys or baseball caps. The rest is up to you. NOTE: If you’re a freelancer working from home in your underwear you might wanna reconsider to wear a shirt, nice pants and some hair products. You might actually run into your next business- or life partner at the event.

Can you put me on the guest list?
One of the best things about our events is that we don’t offer any guestlists what so ever. Compared to most nightsclubs you don’t have to know, or be somebody, to get in. Just get in line and launch the app to get scanned in! Ps. If you don’t like to stand in line you can book a VIP Table or get a Secure Access ticket to pass it.

Do I need a ticket to enter?
Our indoor events are 100% free and all you need is the Free Out of Office App. to scan yourself in. Since the events are free they are also very popular, and if you don’t wanna gamble and stand in line for the free entrance, you can buy yourself a Secure Access ticket or book a VIP Table in the app. During summer season we charge an entrance fee for our bigger event establishments. So during these specific events you do have to buy yourself a ticket. 

Do you offer ticket refunding?

No we don't. We suggest you try to sell your ticket on the Facebook Event Page if you can't attend. 

I can’t find my purchased Secure Access ticket from Tickster?
Sometimes the ticket email from Tickster gets caught in your SPAM filter. So go check that out first. If it isn’t there you might have misspelled your email due to your clumsy fingers. If so, call the Tickster Support +46(0)771477070 or go to their Support Page.

How long is the Secure Access ticket from Tickster valid?
Until 6 p.m (18.00). After that your spot will go to someone waiting in line. It works exactly the same with the Loyalty Pass.

What else is the app used for?
In the app, besides locating new friends, clients or a life partner, you also locate upcoming events in all our cities, make VIP Table reservations, buy Secure Access Tickets and get relevant info/job offers based on your profile. So keep your profile updated. We have big plans for the app to make it easier for you mixing business with pleasure in the future. 

Secure Access & Ticket refunding
All of our indoor events are 100% free and therefore very popular. Our Secure Access tickets are limited and a convenient and time-saving way to enter our free public events. With a Secure Access ticket, you may skip the line and be guaranteed access to the event before 6 p.m (18.00). If you don’t show up your spot will go to someone waiting in line. If you are not able to use the Secure Access ticket by any reason you will not be refunded. The ticket is not personal, so you can hand it off to a nice friend or colleague.

How much is a VIP Table?
It depends on the numbers of participants and the package you choose. In the Free Out of Office App. you make the reservations and see all prices and whats included.

Can I pay with cash?
No, it’s a 100% cash free event. You can sometimes pay with Swish in some bars and cloakrooms.

Do you have a cloakroom?
Yes, when arranging our indoor events we always have cloakrooms. A cloakroom fee will be charged. During our summer events we don’t offer cloakrooms.

I’ve lost something at the event…
Contact the restaurateur/nightclub. We (Out of Office) aren’t responsible of the Lost & Found service.

I think the music was too loud!
At Out of Office you might experience loud music, but we will never play music louder than 100db (decibel). The maximum level of 100db is a health recommendation and also a limit set by the government and health department. If you have problems with loud music in general, bring your own earplugs. Sometimes the local restaurateur have free earplugs, but it’s not a guarantee.

Where can I find the photos from the event?
Some of the photos are published on our Instagram. But not all of them!

Do you serve food at Out of Office?
Yes! Always plenty of food at all our events. Try the vegetarian option!

During your events I have seen some companies with their own private VIP Area, can we do that?
Your business can become a Corporate Partner where we help you focus on your employees, clients and recruiting. A pretty clever idea that makes everyone involved happy.

I work with a product/service that would be perfect for your guests!
That’s great! We can make content of your brand before, during and after the events through our Campaign Partnerships. See some good examples here.

Can I book Out of Office for our Corporate Event?
Of course you can. Read all about it here!

I would like to read more about your Terms and Agreement and GDPR
Knock yourself out! Here is our “Terms & Policy” regarding the App and Events and the personal infomation you provide us with.

I want delete my account in the app
Hate to see you go! If you want us to delete your account for any reason, just delete your account under "settings". If you can't login send an email to app(at)oooaw.com with your Username (email) and we help you asap. If you want to visit Out of Office in the future you need to register a new account to scan and enter.

I have a question that is not listed here…
Are you sure? If yes, send it to feedback@oooaw.com